Business Carbon Footprint

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Nicole TK Moore

Measure Your Footprint

The first step to reducing is measuring.  Conducting a carbon footprint audit or a greenhouse gas (GHG) audit is complicated and to achieve acceptability industry relies on third-party audits.  Carbon Partner provides audits to ISO Standard 14064 or can work with companies to develop customized metrics that meet the goals of their corporate sustainability program.

Carbon Partner is a subsidiary of Partner Engineering and Science, Inc, a national environmental engineering and due diligence company.

Communicate Your Goals

Communicating the results of the audit to employees, vendors, and customers allows everyone to get involved.  Many energy saving efforts have to occur at every level of the organization.  Effectively communicating the firm's carbon footprint strategy to employees empowers everyone to participate.  An energy conscience work force will save money and reduce the footprint!

Improvements in employee morale and customer goodwill are difficult to measure, but Carbon Partner believes that these benefits are sizable.  The costs of reducing your carbon footprint must be off-set by tangible benefits such as savings in energy costs and less tangible benefits such as employee morale and customer goodwill.

Create a Reduction Program

Once your footprint is measured, reduction becomes the goal.  Every year your carbon footprint can be reduced either in absolute terms or in terms of a metric that accounts from the growth in your business, i.e. tons of carbon emitted per head.  Carbon Partner will first work with your staff to find reduction programs that save money.  Many of our recommendations will reduce your carbon footprint AND save money!

How aggressive do you want to be?  That question is for you to answer and us to implement.  Carbon Partner will present cost-benefit analysis for each of our conservation recommendations. Carbon Partner will work with your staff to understand direct costs and potential efficiency costs. 

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