About Carbon Partner

Carbon Partner is a subsidiary of Partner Engineering and Science, Inc, a national environmental engineering and due diligence company.

Carbon Partner's mission is to provide integrity engineering audits of greenhouse gases and to assist companies in developing sustainability programs. 

For more information about Partner's capabilities please contact us at 800-419-4923 or email us at info@carbon-partner.com

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805 N. Milwaukee Ave, Ste 401C
Chicago, IL 60642
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New York
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Kyoto Greenhouse Gasses
1. Carbon dioxide (CO2);
2. Methane (CH4);
3. Nitrous oxide (N2O);
4. Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs);
5. Per flour carbons (PFCs);
6. Sulphur hexafluor ide (SF6).

BS 8900 Guidance for managing sustainable development
ISO 14064: