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Nicole TK Moore

Go Carbon Neutral

Carbon neutral is a new concept.  How can I operate a business and be carbon neutral?  Of course, do your best to reduce and conserve, but you can never reduce to zero.  The only way to achieve carbon neutral is with off-sets.

Offsets are a useful tool to help you reach your reduction goals.  An offset is an emissions reduction that you purchase to help another organization reduce their emissions.  Because you purchased the emissions reduction, this reduction is reflected in your own emissions reduction goals.

Buying Certified Off-Sets

Off-sets can be purchased on the open market.  The concept is simple economics. You can fund carbon reducing projects that have a great impact on the global carbon emissions and this investment off-sets the carbon emissions that your business creates in the United States- the planet is neutral. 

Paying some foreign organization to achieve a difficult to measure goal sounds a little precarious. That's where your Carbon Partner can help.  We can help you navigate through the menu of carbon-offsetting options to choose the most reliable off-set with reliable third-party certification.  These services are free to our client. 

Informal Internally Achieved Off-Sets

You can put your own informal off-set program into place by planting trees or asking employees to volunteer to off-set in their personal lives. These off-sets may not qualify as tradable carbon credits, but they still help.

Your internal off-setting may not achieve carbon neutrality, but you can show improvement every year!

For more information and a more in depth approach to reducing your office's carbon footprint, please contact us to discuss strategies to specifically cater your carbon footprint reduction goals.